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Things to Know Before You Build a Pond

The ideal setting for daily relaxation is a backyard water garden. A stressful schedule can treat for free with the soothing and calming sound of trickling water. Picture yourself relaxing at the end of each day and watching fish dart between lily pads while dragonflies zip and dive to catch flying insects. Let’s discover what are things to know before Vijver kopen.

Size Does Matter:

Despite popular belief, pond size does essentially! Size is an important consideration that relies on your geography and the goals for the pond. A beginner should start with a pond between 2000 and 5000 liters because it is more manageable and big enough for a few little fish. You can Vijver kopen if you want a tiny one with calming water movement noises.

garden design

The Best Place:

The perfect location for a pond offers at least six hours of direct sunlight each day; consider the early sun and afternoon shade. A small amount of shade helps keep water cold, which reduces algae growth. A pond placed beneath a tree with an overhang should avoid because fruit or leaves falling from the tree can clog the system without daily maintenance.


Weekly upkeep for the majority of ponds should take a few minutes. Each week in the spring, every few days in the fall, every other week in the summer, and once a month in the winter, empty and clean the skimmer basket. Choose a waterfall surface skimmer or filter that is simple to access. In summer, check the water level and make any required adjustments.