used cars in tucson

New Cars Vs Used Cars: Comparison

Car ownership is a choice you need to make. No matter what your financial situation, it’s easy to get into the car world. But before you head off to the dealership and buy that shiny new car, here’s what you might not be considering when getting used cars in tucson.

The Pros and Cons of Used Cars

Used cars are a great option for many people. While they come with many benefits, there are some downsides to buying one. Here’s the breakdown:

You Get More Car for Your Cash

It’s true! If you buy a used car, you will spend less money than if you bought a brand new car. The average cost difference between these two options is about $12,000, though it can be up to $40,000 depending on the manufacturer of your desired vehicle. This is due in part to depreciation as well as other fees such as insurance and taxes.

However, if you buy a used car, you could be spending more than that just on car repairs.

You Can Negotiate

used cars in tucson

New cars cost more but have a higher resale value. Used cars are more affordable and have a lower resale value. If you opt to buy a new car and try to get the price down, you run the risk of being turned down or negotiating down, which will damage your resale value.

However, there are benefits to buying used as well.

You Get to Test Drive Big Cars and Trucks

Many people prefer to buy used cars that have been modified for more power and large tires. This allows them to be a more practical option for those who need a car that can drive well in inclement weather or change the tires on their car.

While you might get into a crash with your used car, you’ll probably be paying less in insurance than if you were buying new. Your insurance company will often allow you to add on additional coverage through your policy limits, meaning you can potentially pay even less than if you were buying brand new.

You Can Be Safe Driving with a Used Car

If your car doesn’t have enough miles or if it is in pristine condition, you could be paying for the peace of mind that comes with a car that has been road tested. That’s one reason why used cars are not just for those who want to save money on insurance.

The Cons

Used Cars Take Time to Drive Well

The biggest downsides to buying used cars are the fact that they take time to be driveable. While you can find a used car without issues, if your used car needs repairs or is being driven at high speeds, you’ll need to know about mechanical issues quickly.