p plate car rental singapore

P Plate Car Rental: Why You Should Go for it?

It’s challenging to be a new driver. Living your greatest life can be challenging given the cost of housing, schooling, and the pressure of finding a job with a reasonable salary.

So dealing with the enormous cost of owning or renting a car is the last thing someone with a P plate or who is under 25 years old has to do.

Want to rent a car, but you’ve only recently received your license? You can choose from the following p plate car rental companies.

  • Bolt Car Leasing Pte Ltd

In Singapore, Bolt Car Leasing is the favored option for both businesses and individuals. It offers both short- and long-term lease programs to meet your every requirement and lifestyle, whether you’re looking for a brand-new luxury vehicle or a pre-owned compact model.

  • CL Leasing Pte Ltd

It also provides extended leases (up to 7 years!) at more than fair pricing if you’re seeking a rental for a longer period. If you desire the “new car” sensation, find out what new automobiles are available for rent.

  • Tropica Enterprise

You won’t have to stress about unanticipated fees or a tonne of paperwork while working with Tropica Enterprise. To the best of its ability, it will make the transaction simple and hassle-free.

  • Ride Now Pte Ltd

If you rent a car from Ride Now Car Rental, it offers a wide range of supplementary services. Delivery of the vehicle to your location, road tax and insurance coverage, and—most importantly—a 24-hour helpline for breakdown assistance in an emergency.

Because there is healthy competition in the market, rates stay competitive. The good news for P Plate (provisional license) holders is that you have a choice of rental agents who will take a P plate license and allow you to rent a car.