How to play bitcoin games?

If you still don’t know what bitcoin is, welcome to the 21st century. Bitcoin is a type of internet currency created in 2008 that allows you to hold it with total anonymity and has become very popular in recent years. Who developed bitcoin is controversial, and we still do not know who is behind them. To keep bitcoin, you need to have a crypto wallet, which aims overall, as implied, to serve as a place to put your bitcoin coins.

So how do you get bitcoin?

There are several ways you can take to get bitcoin coins; you can mine them using software that requires expensive computer hardware; you can also convert real money into bitcoin with the help of bitcoin games, which through this game you can win bitcoins, you can win prizes as you collect more virtual currencies and participate in a competition, the competition opens up to the user every half hour and thus has. It thus has the opportunity to increase his chances of winning prizes. Not bad, considering you only have to play the game; the prize award for first place is half the amount of bitcoin divided and the other half divided into the top 10 sites.

How do you play?

The goal in the game is to get away with your character, which is attached to a rocket, between as many enemies and obstacles as possible, and get as far away from the game as you collect coins; the game goes on even after the third stage, the game is very fun entertaining and sharpens your risk-taking and thinking speed skills, plus at the moment it does not have many participants. So, there is a good chance of winning and winning prizes as you download and play earlier.

In summary

The bitcoin games are fun and addictive; you can play them for hours, and considering you can make money, it’s not bad at all either; you can download it to android or iPhone and start playing, don’t count on the game making, you rich but it can bring in a few tens or hundreds of extra bucks a month that you wouldn’t otherwise get.