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Respirator Fit Test Singapore – Here Is Everything You Need To Know

A respirator is worn on the nose and mouth (sometimes over the whole face) to avoid breathing any dust, smoke, or other toxic substances. The loose-fitting respirators are comparatively easy to use and don’t require any testing as such. For the tight-fitting ones, thorough testing is needed for both supplied air and air-purifying types. The testing is done using two methods – qualitative and quantitative approaches. The testing requires specific apparatus and, the top names of respirator fit test singapore companies are listed below.

  1. Occupational Health Dynamics, Inc. 

They are a global manufacturer and supplier of the QuantiCheck mask fit testing and the QuantiChecl user seal checking device. They have customers from North America to Singapore.

  1. TSI Incorporated 

They are a pioneer in identifying, investing, and solving measurement problems across industries. They specialize in testing devices for testing air quality, fluid dynamics, biohazard detection, and more.

  1. Lee Hung Scientific Pte Ltd 

They started in 1983, making them one of the first respirator fit test singapore companies to supply the relevant equipment. Since the establishment, they have witnessed a lot of growth as they build a lasting relationship with the customers.

  1. Ashtead Technology Ltd 

They are a UK-based company that supplies their products to Singapore and several other countries. They specialize in environmental testing equipment along with sampling instruments.

  1. Zefon International Inc 

They are a US-based company and act as a partner to air-quality experts worldwide and supply their products to Singapore as well.

The testing of respirators is important to ensure the proper functioning and safety of users. So, manufacturers should do thorough testing to avoid any mishaps.