Smart enclosures to enjoy the outdoor view

Assume that you are looking for the outdoor without giving a second thought about insects, bugs, or weather and just viewing the screen. What is a screen meant for? These are not ordinary one they are special screens that provide unlimited or at most visibility, allowingyou to sit back and enjoy the fresh breeze of air that flows through a screened patio room. The screen enclosures in Lexington, KY do provide a good variety and quality screen enclosures.

Types of screen enclosures:

  • There is an availability of aluminum panels that can be used for covering knee walls.
  • If one prefers the open and look of uniformity with screen starting from floor till the top to Ceiling one opt a screen knee wall.
  • One can prefer the screen according to their requirement there is the availability of eighteen by fourteen size option for using for pool or patio enclosures. This can be used in such areas where there is a requirement for greater strength.
  • There is also the option of a fiberglass screen where a designed tightly-woven mesh is used to get rid of small insects. There is no need to worry about the ventilation as the densely woven screen allows to pass good ventilation and provide clear visibility and one can enjoy privacy even during daytime.
  • Are you searchingto match your knee wall to that of the exterior of the home and want to give a more elegant look? Try a matching knee wall that gives you the best option of knee wall that perfectly matches your home.
  • Cathedral is a type of screen enclosure that helps to have a stylish roof that height and allows for an abundance of sunlight and gives a spacious look.
  • It can also give the natural look when it is added or attached to an existing roof that already exists. It can be preferred based on one’s budget and gives a lot of space for gathering.
  • Screen enclosures with sliding doors are available with multiple configurations. One of the most common which is preferred is a screen with a two-piece that can be opened with one stationary and another can be sliding is of open and close.


Screen enclosures are designed and are built using excellent quality materials which are reasonable and installation can be done quickly.