Is it safe to use tanning injections?

What are tanning injections?

Melanotan injections are used to modify the color of their skin. The synthetic hormone stimulates pigment cells in the skin, causing them to create more melanin, which is responsible for the skin’s darker color. The two different types of Melanton that get diluted in water before injecting are Melanotan I and Melanotan ii.

Difference between the types of Melanotan:

Melanotan I is frequently regarded as a superior alternative to Melanotan ii because its adverse effects are significantly fewer. It is more potent than Melanotan, but it produces better results in terms of tan density.


Melanotan 1 has a half-life of around an hour, which means you must inject twice a day, either in the morning and early afternoon or before UV exposure, to have the best results. It’s also better to dose every day, as this saves a lot of injections. Because of the lesser symptoms associated with Melanotan 1, recommended dosages start at 1mg (500mcg twice per day). After 2-4 days, increase to 1.5mg and maintain this dosage. If you want to increase the dosage, even more, do so gradually.

Melanotan 2 has a 36-hour active life in your body, allowing you to be quite flexible with dosing. To assist your body to acclimate to the peptide and reduce responses, start with 250mcg regularly. If you’re planning on doing a low-dose regimen, you can go ahead and perform these


If you require a dose, increase the dose to 500mcg after 2-4 days or whenever you feel comfortable. The most common dosage utilized by clients is 500mcg. You can increase this to around 1mg, but anything is generally not recommended.


  • In comparison to other products, it requires very little exposure to sunlight. Your skin will be protected from dangerous UV rays.
  • Even if you stop using Melanotan, your skin will remain browned for at least four weeks.
  • The amount you should use is determined by your objectives, skin type, and body weight. Once your body has reached the desired level of tan, all you need is a few sprays a week to keep it there.