Buying Garden Trug – Make the Right Decision

One best tool for the gardeners, trugs are generally shallow, simple to carry the baskets and compact used mainly for carrying various garden produce. They are quite handy for the gardeners that are growing flowers, veggies and plants, and gardeners want the simple way of carrying the tools around. For the kitchen gardens, or gardeners with the glorious harvest, they cannot go without the large garden trug.

The trug-style baskets are woven from the wicker, but modern trugs are plastic. Nowadays, trugs have become the practical garden tool and the most stylish garden accessory out there, or decorative way of displaying your flowers, at the events like weddings.

What’s Trug Used For?

The trug baskets are around for years as well as were used for carrying seed and grain. Nowadays, trugs are commonly used for transporting vegetables or other produce, and garden tools.

The plastic trug baskets generally are very useful to move compost & garden waste. In addition, they are used for carrying water from the tap and trough to the plants, in an absence of the hosepipe. The trugs are gaining huge popularity as the most decorative items, for displaying flowers and other garden cuttings. Traditional look of the willow trug baskets generally makes them the most attractive décor for the rustic-themed events or weddings.

Drainage & base:

Each Garden trug has got drainage but one with the multi holes makes this simple for you. Also, you can wash the veggies or fruits in a trug in the better way.

Trug weight:

Another important factor to consider is weight when buying the trug. Suppose you want the bigger volume & less weight, make sure you invest in good trug. Otherwise, weight does not matter when it comes to quality. If you’re the professional gardener that carries several things like plants and tools, wheelbase trug is the best option.