recogida de residuos sanitarios

Get the best sanitary waste management services

Our center basically provides people with all the experts in the Healthcare Waste Management, provides a complete collection, disposal as well as recycling service for various hazardous as well as offensive waste that is produced by businesses and also organizations which are associated with the provision of healthcare.

Waste Collection Service

Our recogida de residuos sanitarios, disposal as well as recycling service offers you complete peace-of-mind. We will also ensure that your waste is handled strictly in line along with the current legislation and also according to the Best Practice Guidelines.

Our team is conscious of their duty of care for our customers and the wider environment. We always try to make sure that your waste is controlled as well as disposed of in the safest and the most environmentally effective way.

protección radiológica

All of the waste material transfer stations and vehicles are licensed and also they are fully compliant with the waste management regulations. So, don’t wait to get the best kind of experience with us.

Medical waste management and some of the medical waste units

The healthcare waste management unit is basically pedal-operated swabs and the dressings bin, in order to minimize contact and hence reduce the risk of cross-contamination.  It is fluid as well as a solvent resistant in order to protect you and your staff, and also it is made from impact-resistant ABS plastic that has been extensively dropping tested so that to ensure robustness.

The units which are basically available are in 45 liters and 60 liters capacities, which are perfectly suitable for all kinds of environments, whether it is used in healthcare or in the non-healthcare environment. We are also authorized for the removal as well as transport of various kinds of medical waste such as amalgams, developing liquids, radiographic plates, etc.