Macro Island – the best place for shell collectors

Maybe you are not a shell collector but if you ever visit Macro Island then you will love the place. Not because of its shells but because of the environment you will get there and white sand beaches are so beautiful that you will never want to go back.

You can start your shelling adventure from here

You can go for a family or friend trip here and see nature’s beauty with the best quality of shells. People who love to collect shells always want to have the Junonia shell. And they have a question that from where to find the Junonia shell. And for those people, the answer is Macro Island for getting the Junonia shells here. You will really have a wonderful experience here. you can also contact them for any booking for your trip easily.

If you really want to visit here, then here are some best tips for you

  • Before thinking of collecting shells first have swim shoes and wear them

If you walk with bare feet then it will be difficult for you so wearing these will be best for you. If you walk bare feet then the chances of cuts and scrapes will be more. If you have waterproof shoes then it will be best for you.

  • You have to wear clothes approximately for shelling

For doing this job and if you really like shelling then it is important for you to wear perfect clothes in the sun and heat. This is important to do so when it takes a long time. Have sunscreen, proper sunglasses, and a hat as well if you need it. and always drink lots of water to prevent dehydration and drink frequently.

  • Try to gather more supplies before coming for a trip

You will find many neat shells and have to carry all of them with safety. People use buckets at the time of collecting shells so that you can get rid of excess sand as well as water. And due to this problem, they end up collecting more water and sand. Go for a plastic shovel which will work better than a bucket. And go for this if you want a bulk collection, but if you want a few of them then go collect in your hands.

  • Go for a shelling tour and explore things

By going to the shelling tour you can easily participate in some professional tours end up getting a unique experience from this. You will get to know about several places and several shells. Your trip will be stress-free and enjoyable so don’t worry about the trip. Just extend these and get to know more things in a different manner.