Why only the KN 95 mask is going to help you?

Why only the KN 95 mask is going to help you?

Today the entire world is trying to stop the spread of the corona virus. Because it is spreading with a high speed and there is no other way to stays safe within the home. But we cannot stys inside the home the entireyearand there is a need to work or ventureout in order to start our normal life. In this scenario you need a protection against the virus while venturing out. It is good to wear mask while venturing out of the home and the normal maskcannot help in this situation. You should purchase the KN95 Face Mask which is considered to be the effectivetool in controlling the spared of the coronavirus.

Why normal masks could not help?

The normal cotton or a fabricmask that is prepare din our home can be used within the home. Even though they are not going to prevent the corona virus spread, it reduces the chances of the spreadto a limited amount.This is helpful only to prevent you spreading the virus to the outside world. But when you are venturing out with the KN95 Face Mask it can save both the wearingperson and the people surrounding the person who is wearing the mask. Because it is a five layer mask and it is tested for the close fit. The normal n 95 maskis not tested for thisclose fit and the inwardleakage in the KN 95 mask is less than eight percent. But there is no evidence or tested data for the n 95 mask in the inward leakagecriteria. Soit is good to purchase the KN 95 mask in order to fight the corona virus with strong hands.

Factsyou needto learn

It is important to avoid using the surgicalmask because it is a loose fitting masks and this is not designed to preventthe spread of the corona virus because it has some other functions and it needs to be used during a surgery.

Yet anotherimportantthing that people need to learn about the mask is that they need to be disposed with proper care. Because once you have completed the usage of the mask, it is important to dispose it with hands and wash yourhandsbeforeretouching the parts of the body. Because when you are touching the eyes or nose through the handsimmediatelyaftertouching the mask it may create a situation for the spared of the virus.