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This is unique:

          The bitcoin has become a base of transaction in private accounts within the network that is very small. This was only at the beginning but now the same bitcoin is being used by many people and the community that usesthis is very small when compared with the other which moves by the banking system. The bitcon exchange is called the peer to peer transaction. The details of these transactions are kept very private or they are stored as a digital codes or passwords called the block chain. Buy before entering into actually trading in this crypto currency you need to know the price of bitcoin and this will help you in knowing more on the transactions.

The chart:

          In order to understand the use and the transaction of the bitcoin it would be beneficial to know how the price has beam fluctuating over the years. The bitcoin was invented in the year 2009 and the price of it has been either increasing or decreasing and has never stood steady all the time. Over the ten years that it has been in existence, the price was about 3000 USD in the year 2011 and it has shot up to about 13000USD in the last financial year. There were many other factors one must also take into account when talking about thebitcoin and its value and that includes the invention of new crypto currencies such as the coinbase, coinmam and others which will slight affect the price of the old crypto currency just that it happens with the regular currency.

          There are several features of the bitcon such as the advantage of using it that will tell the price of bitcoin as well which the investor must know.